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Welcome to the Goodies Unlimited website...
handcrafted soaps and sundries for the appreciative consumer.

what is this?

Specializing in luxurious handmade soap, balms, and lotions, made from the finest ingredients such as emollient olive, coconut, sweet almond, and sunflower oils, rich cocoa butter, lavish fragrances, delightful herbs and spices, and pure aromatherapy-grade essential oils.

Attention "Affair of the Heart" people!! We are in a different building!!! We will be in the Centennial building, booth #14 (the SE corner, near that entrance). My daughter Jennifer will be holding down the fort - please go see her!! Thanks so much!

Still Crazy After All These Years! (With a nod to Paul Simon...)

This fall marks the 18th anniversary of Goodies Unlimited Handmade Soap & Balms! I cannot believe it has been this long, but it has been altogether lovely - mainly due to all of you! Thank you for believing in me for all these years!

We have settled in to the new house very comfortably - it is amazing to me how quickly this place has felt like HOME. Oh, there are still things that haven’t found their forever spot yet, but something tells me that will take a while. (Don’t forget that we have a new phone number - 405-293-6151.)

On the Goodies front, my eldest daughter Jennifer is starting to help with the business quite a bit - packing orders, making a few things, and working at shows! (She’s done a bang-up job helping to set up the new workshop, and is doing her level best to keep me organized. LOL) You local peeps have seen her at a few of the Farmers’ Markets this summer, and she will be doing the October Affair of the Heart in OKC without me. There is a good reason...

I get to have back surgery again on Monday, Sept 26th - this is a follow-up to what I had done almost four years ago. No worries - this should fix me for a very long time. (Or at least until something else starts to fall apart - I’m of that Certain Age whence these thing begin...) Business should go on mostly as usual - we’ve done this before, so we know how to work with the physical limitations I’ll have for a while.

LOOK!!! There is a shiny new schedule!! And some PROGRAM NOTES -

October Affair of the Heart - We will NOT be in our usual spot; we will be in the tent village - #273. Please come find us out there!

November Affair of the Heart - Also a booth placement change; We will now be in the far NE corner of the hall - #841. (Both my fault - read above about being more organized...)

Happy Fall to All - I hope to see or hear from you soon!

Hugs, Aubrey

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