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Welcome to the Goodies Unlimited website...
handcrafted soaps and sundries for the appreciative consumer.

what is this?

Specializing in luxurious handmade soap, balms, and lotions, made from the finest ingredients such as emollient olive, coconut, sweet almond, and sunflower oils, rich cocoa butter, lavish fragrances, delightful herbs and spices, and pure aromatherapy-grade essential oils.

Goodies will be on VACATION May 24th thru May 30th !!! I will try to be caught up before I leave, and order shipping will resume on the June 1st or so. WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!

My wonderful Goodies Peeps!

(I'm still a bit behind on shipping orders due to family stuff this week. I should be caught up by 4/16 as things return to relative normalcy around here.)

Thank you so much for your support and caring during this last month - you all are the best.

(An addendum and finale to the saga - my MIL returned to the hospital, came home on March 15 to hospice care, and is currently resting comfortably in our living room. Please keep her in your thoughts for a peaceful time forward.)

My husband is still doing wonderfully! The body is so amazing...

I really wanted to get this up yesterday on April 1st, but the ultimate in April Fool's jokes was on me - my internet went down for 2 days, and was just fixed last night. Sigh.

Shipping will resume on Monday, April 6th. Again, thank you everyone.

Love, Aubrey

handmade soap
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