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handcrafted soaps and sundries for the appreciative consumer.

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Specializing in luxurious handmade soap, balms, and lotions, made from the finest ingredients such as emollient olive, coconut, sweet almond, and sunflower oils, rich cocoa butter, lavish fragrances, delightful herbs and spices, and pure food-grade essential oils.

(February 7, 2018)

My wonderful Goodies Peeps! (I know this is late, but we've had a bit going on...)

Quick Note First - Yes, Jennifer will be at Affair of the Heart this weekend in OKC!! Booth number 2 in the new Bennet Building! (And, yes, I will be at Dallas Quilt in March, and DFW Fiber Fest in April - wouldn't miss them!!) Go see Jenn this weekend - she misses y'all!

Now, back to your regular update -

Bit chilly out there, huh? I don't care what that danged groundhog said - Spring will be here soon! Promise!! And as with the changes of Spring, there are some big changes happening Chez Goodies. Do not be afraid. It is a Good Thing.

To Start - I am writing this from Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, which is where the husband took a job for the next 3-5 years. Yes, I'm moving to the Pittsburgh area for a while, and will have to become a Steelers fan... Guthrie will still be our permanent residence, while we're in temporary housing here. I think it will be a fun place to explore - besides, we are now in range of at least 8 major league baseball parks, and the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame!! (And Niagra Falls, and two sheep and wool festivals, and New York City!!)

Don't Worry! Jennifer and her family are still at the house in Guthrie, doing all of the hard work - like soap making, dog wrangling, land management... LOL I'll assist from here with advice and computer related stuff for a while, but Goodies Unlimited is transitioning to her, just as we planned (albeit a wee bit faster...). She'll be at the Herb shows in Sand Springs and Jenks in April, and then the Edmond Farmers' Market from late April thru October. I'll have a new schedule to post in a day or two.

I will be home for the month of March to do the quilt show and fiber fest, and to hopefully teach Jenn everything she hasn't already figured out - she's a smart cookie, though, and I have no worries AT ALL!! And I'll be back and forth quite often over the duration of this adventure, too.

Please give Jenn all of the love and support you've shown me over the past 20 years - she's going to be great!

Love, Aubrey (and Jennifer!)

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