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ATTENTION!!!! If you have ordered Wood Beams or Etomic Balm from me since March 25th -

I came home from my show this weekend to backordered Wood Beams caps, and defective Etomic containers. Both issues are being fixed as I type, but I will not get to make or ship either of these products until after April 9th. Since I can't do anything but wring my hands and twiddle my thumbs, I'm still going on our planned vacation tomorrow. Boxes should arrive at the beginning of next week, so I can jump in and work the minute I get home. (For everyone else, feel free to order - I will ship as fast as I can when I get home! And I never charge your card until I am ready to ship!)

Thank You for your Patience!

Wood Beams

photo coming soon Good Wood Food - Rub on, wait a bit, and then buff with a soft cloth to a satin finish. Works wonders on all woods, even food-surface safe!! Try it on knife handles, butcher blocks, fine wood furniture, and our favorite use - spindles and spinning wheels!! Contains pure vegetable oils and real lemon and lavender essential oils.
what is this?

4 ounces - $8.50

handmade soap
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